HILTON PILLOW 1000gram with free Tote Bag

Hotel Quality (Bantal hilton)
Colour: SKYBLUE (will ship after 12/5/21)
BIG RED (will ship after 12/5/21)BLACK (READY STOCK)BLACK (will ship after 12/5/21)BLUE (will ship after 12/5/21)BROWN (READY STOCK)BROWN (will ship after 12/5/21)DARK GREEN (will ship after 12/5/21)DARK PINK (READY STOCK)DARK PINK (will ship after 12/5/21)GREEN (will ship after 12/5/21)GREY (will ship after 12/5/21)NAVY BLUE (will ship after 12/5/21)PURPLE (READY STOCK)PURPLE (will ship after 12/5/21)SKYBLUE (READY STOCK)SKYBLUE (will ship after 12/5/21)WHITE (will ship after 12/5/21)YELLOW (will ship after 12/5/21)
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* Washable by hand or machine
* Variety of colours
* 100% Hotel quality
* Comfort for hours sleep
* Each Pillow comes with free Tote bag


100% Polyester Fiber
Measurement : 48cm X 74cm 
Weight : 1000grams 

Perhatian 👇 : 
1000grams setiap pillow bukan kurang daripadanya. 

Setiap pillow ada free Tote Bag. Mudah disimpan. 

Boleh On Kutu 😍😍😍

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